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Hot Stamp and Heat Transfer Tooling

Heat TooligUnited Silicone manufactures complete tooling sets including Machined Aluminum Part Holding Fixtures, Magnetic Mounting Systems as well as Contoured Molds/Dies. An electronic drawing file is all that is required to initiate the manufacture of required decorating tools. With CNC- Controlled equipment, Hot Stamp/Heat Transfer & Heat Seal tooling can now be constructed simultaneously with injection molds. United Silicone tests all tooling in our facility providing set-up sheets for easy transition to your production line.

Tooling Components

A structure built on a shaky foundation will not withstand the test of time; neither will the quality of your decoration! Tooling is the foundation of any Hot Stamp/Heat Transfer Decorating application.

Hot Stamping is “the combination of Temperature, Pressure, & Dwell to transfer an image from a carrier to a part”. These three components are interdependent; a change or variation in one may affect/impact another.