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    VL-10 Tax Stamping Machine

    VL-10 Tax Stamp MachineUnited Silicone's VL-10 Tax Stamping Machine gives you quality and flexibility for the future. Ideal for both pre- and post-stamp operations, this machine requires no height adjustments - no more batching sizes ever again! Stamps Regulars, Kings, 100's, 120's and some promotional packs. The VL-10 utilizes a proven stamp head with superior stamp quality transfer. The uniquely designed stamp cartridge makes loading stamps easy and fast - ideal for multi-jurisdiction stamping. Simple to train, easy to operate, and requires low maintenance, the VL-10 Stamping Machine is ideal for your operation.


    • No adjustments necessary - Stamps Regulars, Kings, 100's and 120's
    • Stamp cartridge - Quick release and load of stamps, additional cartridges available
    • Stamp transfer - Superior quality center pack stamping
    • Hot glue system - Including pre-set start-up
    • Touch screen display - Makes tracking, monitoring, and training easy
    • Safety - New stamp cartridge design and guarding protects your operators

    Customer Comments:

    "The change from an M100 to the VL-10 Tandem has paid dividends for us. The stamping time in our Fairview Heights warehouse, completely post-stamp, has been lowered by 12 and a half hours per week. The East Peoria warehouse that has both pre and post-stamp also has saved 6 hours a week stamping time.

    The time to train someone to run the machine has been greatly reduced because there are no settings to change. You can run a regular size cigarette and a 120 back-to-back with no changes to the machine.

    The application of the stamps has been superb. We have no problem with the State's ability to read the numbers on the packs."

    Jon Burklund, President, COO
    Burklund Distributors, Inc.

    "We have two VL-10 machines and they have made our lives a whole lot easier! We stamp for six states and the interchangeable cartridges make the change-over easy. Our operators love not having to make adjustments on this machine. It’s just so simple!"

    Billy Overton, Facility Service Manager
    CVS/Pharmacy, Knoxville, TN

    "United Silicone got it right with the VL-10! Several of our AMCON facilities have the new VL-10 Stamp Machine. It has made stamping for multiple states so easy and has reduced order errors and carton damage."

    Terry Gohr, Maintenance Manager
    AMCON Distributing, Omaha, NE

    "We went with the VL-10 to improve quality of the stamp being applied to the cigarette packs. It was a bonus when we saw how easy it was to operate the machine - no more adjustments. The stamp cartridge design is pretty clever, too."

    Ray Wilson, Owner
    Wilson Distributing, Middletown, OH

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