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    VL-10HP Tax Stamping Machine

    VL-10HP Tax Stamp Machine"High-Speed, Post-Stamp"

    The VL-10HP Tax Stamping Machine is supercharged up from 70 cartons per minute. Perfect for both pre- and post-stamp operations, the VL-10HP needs no purging or head-height adjustments. Differing carton sizes are now supported by sturdier springs that maintain a longer life than standard VL-10 springs. An improved dual-head glue and closer system compensates for multiple carton feed direction. The VL-10HP’s servo-driven carton indexing system speeds set-up time and drastically limits the need for adjustments.

    Ideal for:

    • High volume operations looking for additional volume and ease of operation
    • Locations that stamp over 80,000 cartons/week
    • Operations that pre- or post-stamp


    • No Adjustments Necessary - Stamps Regulars, Kings, 100’s and 120’s
    • Dual Direction Flap Feed - Glues leading or trailing carton flaps
    • Heavy Duty Support Springs - Longer life than standard springs
    • Improved Stamp Cartridge - Consistent roll take-up, solid aluminum casing
    • Dual-Head Glue System - Precisely applies glue and firmly secures cartons
    • Servo-Driven Indexing System - Fast set-up and limited adjustments


    VL-10HP Video

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