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    Encrypted Stamp Machine

    SSMC Encrypted Stamp Platform Tax Stamp MachineUnited Silicone's Encrypted Tax Stamping Machine increases productivity while providing quality stamping. Perfect for high volume pre- and post-stamping operations, the SSMC automatically adjusts for stamping Regulars, Kings, 100's, and 120's. This machine utilizes a reel-to-reel and vision system that applies and monitors digital stamps required by some states. The user friendly touch screen guides operators in monitoring production and directs in diagnostics. Our custom design allows the Encrypted Tax Stamping Machine to integrate seamlessly with our Universal Case Packer.


    • Automatic Sizing - Stamps Regulars, Kings, 100’s, and 120’s
    • Stamp Transfer - Reel-to-reel system quickly transfers digital security stamps
    • Hot Glue System - Precisely applies glue and firmly secures cartons
    • Touch screen Display - Makes tracking, diagnostics and training easy
    • Safety - Fully protected and enclosed machine with emergency stops when opened


    Customer Comments:

    “United Silicone gave a great presentation on their new program. They have a good machine.”

    Dave Boisselle, VP Operations
    J. Polep Distribution Services



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