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    Manual Tax Stamping Machine

    Manual Tax Stamping Machine

    MTS-110 Manual Tax Stamp MachineThe MTS-110 is equipped with a replaceable and accessible stamp iron that can be used to stamp either A or J stamps in roll form. Both the stamp position and alignment are adjustable without tools, allowing facilities to stamp those non-standard cartons that cannot be run on automated machines. The optional hot glue pot can be side-mounted directly to the MTS-110 or used as a stand-alone glue unit. The Hot Glue Unit greatly simplifies and accelerates the resealing of cartons after stamping.



    Hot Hand 300

    Hot Hand 300Features:

    • Interchangeable iron
    • 2×5 pad and flat bar iron available
    • Fast and accurate heating module
    • Ergonomically friendly handle
    • “Cool Touch” for safety
    • Adjustable temperature controls
    • Illuminated power switch
    • Heat-resistant power cord
    • Comes complete with iron stand




    Electronic Marking System (EMS)

    Hot Hand 300United Silicone's Electronic Marking System (EMS) is a light weight pressure sensitive label marker. Perfect for both low quantity stamping or branding operations. East entry into stamping other tobacco products (OTP)

    • Cigarillos
    • Puck Style Snuff
    • Roll-your-own
    • Cigars
    • Cigarettes



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    EMS Video

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