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    Universal Case Packer

    Case PackerUnited Silicone's Universal Case Packer is an efficient tool for increasing productivity to your stamping operation. Complemented with either United Silicone Tax Stamping Machines or others, this case packer can pack cigarette cartons back into cases at a rate of up to 120 cartons per minute. The machine self-adjusts to accept varying carton sizes. Flexible side plates float to accommodate packing of regular to 120's cartons - making it also ideal for post-stamping operations. Cases are held in place requiring no operator intervention. The case packer integrates with United Silicone's Tax Stamping Machines and can be controlled from the touch screen, which includes stopping and starting to prevent jamming.


    • Automatically adjusts to varying case sizes - Reduces carton damage
    • Complete with power in-feed conveyor - Suited for your left or right configurations
    • Carton tip and back up sensors prevents jamming
    • Enhanced design allows for less than full cartons to be packed - Ideal for small orders and post-stamping
    • Compatible with all commercially available stamping equipment
    • Dependable, clean and quiet

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