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Ancillary Items

Lateral Packing Conveyor

The Lateral Packing Conveyor can be used to transport stamped cartons from your SSM Synchronized Stamping Machine or VL-10 Tax Stamping Machine to a designated packing area using the LPC’s moving belt. Because of this, the Lateral Packing Conveyor can turn your stamping facility into a one-person operation all while increasing productivity. The LPC also communicates directly with your VL-10 or SSM, stopping the stamper if cartons are backed up.

Air PackageAir Package

Complete air compressor package includes a 5.0 HP compressor producing 18.1 CFM at 90 PSI, a 5.0 aftercooler, and a refrigerated air dryer. Air compressor is engineered for 100% continuous duty. Aftercooler and air dryer remove condensation from air lines, prolonging the life of your tax stamping equipment. Pricing includes installation and all required fittings. This package is necessary and recommended for the SSM, VL-10, SSMP, and M-120 with Case Packer.

Packing and Angle Tables

Packing and angle tables compliment any United Silicone tax stamping machine. Seated on both sides of the stamper, packing tables allow for quick unpacking and repacking of cartons into cases. If your operation does not have an LPC or United Silicone Case Packer on the out-feed side of the stamping machine, then an angle table can assist by catching the cartons as they exit the stamping machine.

Large Flap Carton Printer

Ensure secure delivery with our large flap carton printer. Your company message is completely customizable up to twenty characters on the first line of print. The date on the second line prints automatically. Our large flap printer prints approximately 55,000 characters per ink cartridge. Ink cartridges are available through United Silicone Parts.


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