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Heat Seal Applications

Silicone Seal Heads

Silicone Seal Heads offer complete coverage of surface imperfections ensuring consistent, reliable seals leading to higher yields and reduced scrap. Compliance materials are specifically formulated for the temperature and pressure requirements of heat seal and packaging applications. United Silicone's total tooling approach provides disposable heads molded to match part configurations eliminating costly machining.

Variety of silicone seal head styles and sizes
  • Pattern directly molded into head
  • Flat, contoured or multi-levels
  • Multiple reliefs or heights
  • Repeatable from head-to-head
  • Magnetic, quick-change mounting formats




United Silicone's Seal Head Attributes:

Heat Seal Composition Diagram

  • Heat tolerant to 600F
  • Thermally conductive
  • Excellent silicone-to-metal bond
  • 40-90 durometer (Shore A)
  • FDA grade formulations

Seal Head Composition:

Character Height ( A )

  • .035" and .065" relief, standard
  • Custom reliefs available

Silicone Thickness ( B )

  • 3/32" is used for .035" relief dies
  • 1/8" is used for .065" relief dies
  • Custom thickness available upon request

Aluminum Thickness ( C )

  • 1/8" is standard
  • 1/32", 1/16", 1/4" available
  • Deadsoft - Aluminum, easily formed to a set contour
  • 22"L x 25"W maximum size


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