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Product Decorating Applications

Large Area Packaging

Container Decoration Equipment

United Silicone's Hot Stamping Machines are designed and manufactured in the U.S. for hot stamping, heat transfers, graphic foil stamping, die cutting and embossing applications.

Large Area Packaging Equipment

High performance DSP Controller is specially designed and optimized for hot stamping applications. Controls include a Digital Dwell Timer; Foil "JOG" Control; "Set-up/Run" Selector; Digital Counter with Reset; Optional Head-up Delay; Before/ After Foil Pull Selector; and Machine Setting Memory.

Consistent pressure and stable head action result from the cam-amplified force of a linear pneumatic cylinder and guidance of cam folowers.

Front mounted positive stop provides precise control over head stroke length and stamping force.

Head leveling adjustment ensures parallel alignment of die mounting surface and work table from front to back.

Quick release die mounting plate with adjustable stops and handle for positive, repeatable die location.

Front-mounted table height adjustment gives operator easy accessibility and controlled vertical table movement with locking handle.

Adjustable work table outriggers for independent work table support on all four corners.

Simultaneous anti-tie-down buttons circuitry combines machine starting reliability with operator safety.

Pre-drilled and tapped 16" x 24" steel work tables, provides a stable set-up platform and easy fixture mounting.

Foil advance system DC electric motor produces constant pulling torque for smooth advance and reliable control for efficient foil utilization. The system features:

  • Foil Tensioning Arm helps remove slack from the foil to eliminate wrinkling.
  • Adjustable Foil Guide Bars and Guide Rings provide flexibility and ease of adjustment of foil relative to part positioning.
  • Quick Release Foil Take-up Shaft provides easy access for spent foil removal.


  • Electronic Eye Heat Transfer Indexers
  • Rotary Index Tables
  • Slide Tables
  • X-Y or X-Y-R Positioning Tables & Special Safety Guarding