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Product Decorating Applications


Glass Decoration

Can be achieved through silk screen and hot stamping methods- or partnered together to achieve both multi colored graphics and a metalic gold or silver finish.



Universal machine for hot stamping

The P120-C-RMN machine was designed for hot stamping glass bottles with a variety of forms: cylindrical, flat, and shaped. Ideally suited for small and medium runs, in particular for spirits and cosmetics bottles.
The application is carried out on bottles which have been screen printed beforehand.
The P120-C-RMN (1200daN) has several modes of operation.
The peripheral mode is for cylindrical objects in place for large, flat surfaces, while vertical stamping is for curved surfaces.
The interchangeable stamping heads provide quick access to various application modes.
The digital puller for film advance is made with a silicone wheel.
The touch screen makes it easier to set and memorize the settings.
Commissioning and training of production staff.
Certified for CE European safety standards.


Quadrax 2 G



Hot stamping machine for glass bottles.

The Quadrax-2-G Machine is designed decorate glass bottles with various sections, oval, cylindrical, triangular, square, polygonal, etc.
Laser scanning technology for automatic programming.
Interchangeable stamping head with a servo driven silicone roller and foil advance.
Servo driven handling of the bottles in a vertical position.
Robust conveyors as needed for glass technology.
Modular design allows for putting on the line, with a second machine equipped for silk-screening.
High throughput with up to 2,000 pieces per hour.
Touch screen, making it easier to enter settings and memorize them.

Training and commissioning on-site.
Certified for CE European safety standards.



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CL Series

Silkscreen Machine for Cosmetics and Objects with Complex Shapes

Fermac has used its vast experience to develop this new CNC controlled, 5 axis system, which was deisgned for the cosmetic industry and for companies that carry out silkscreen decorations on objects with complex shapes.

Fermac’s machines are equipped with an automatic self-learning system with extremely accurate lasers. These lasers are able to follow the exact profile of the object, guaranteeing a precise decoration. Among other benefits, these systems are in-line stations, provide easy and fast format change overs & offer the possibility of integrating UV Lamps, which allow for the decoration of coated bottles.


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