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Product Decorating Applications

Decorating Caps & Closures

There are several methods to decorate cap and closures. Vertical Hot Stamping Machines and Peripheral Equipment is available based on the type of decoration, speed requirements and part handling system needed.

US 10 and US25 Vertical Hot Stamping Machines

US 10 and US25Vertical stamping is ideal for applying decorative hot stamp foil or pre-printed heat transfers to flat or slightly crowned part surfaces, and to a maximum of 90° of the circumference of cylindrical shaped parts. These hot stamping machines are available in several tonnage ranges so that the unit can be sized for the application.



S2500 Peripheral Decorating Machine

S2500Peripheral decorating is mainly used for applying foils or pre-printed heat transfers to the perimeter of the part. The advantage of this process is that up to 360° of the circumference of the piece can be decorated in one machine cycle. The part shape and size as well as desired production output dictate the ideal machine for your application.


Quadrax. 2-2M2N

QuadraxMachines characteristics

Theoretical force: NA
Type: Automatic
Rate: 1800 to 2800p/h depending on the shape
of the part
Heater head size: 80 x 200 mm
Control: PC + PLC
Equipment: Numerical rolling device with 3 axes and laser scan of the shape
Loading:  Conveyor belt and pick & place
Ejection: Conveyor belt and pick & place
Registration: YES (option)

Item characteristics

Applying area: Cosmetic parts
Type of the item: Caps, jars, closures, lipsticks, airless containers


Machines characteristics

Peripheral Equipment

  • 2 or 4 Stations cylinderical hot stamping machine
  • Peripheral printing or vertical stamping
  • Servo-driven loading pick and place
  • Servo-driven angular registration (option)
  • Rigid mandrels with vacuum
  • Servo-driven hot stamping head
  • Quality control using linear camera
  • Selective ejection in bulk
  • Closure length up to 110 mm
  • Closure diameter up to 30 mm
  • Production Speed: up to 9000 parts per hour
  • Heat Transfer application (option)
  • Label application (option)