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Hot Stamp/Heat Transfer Equipment

Roll On Decorating Equipment

The decoration of large-area part surfaces, configured flat or with a slight contour, is best accomplished with roll-on decorating. With this method a silicone rubber roller delivers heat and pressure through contact with the part to apply foil or pre-printed heat transfers.

US R8BX Hot Stamping and Heat Transfer Machine

Roll On Decorating Equipment

The R8BX, designed and manufactured at United Silicone, uses a heated roller to apply decorative foil or heat transfer decals to long, flat or slightly contoured surfaces. Excellent for application of heat transfer decals.

  • Ideal for applying large heat transfers or decorative foils to large area part surfaces, configured flat or with a slight contour
  • A wide range of part sizes can be accommodated
  • Front-mounted operator interface
  • Machine can accommodate silicone rubber rollers up to 6 inches in diameter, and from 1 to 8 inches long.


US R3EX Hot Stamping and Heat Transfer Machine

US R3EX Model Roll-On Decorator

The United Silicone Model R3EX Hot Stamping Machine applies foils or pre-printed heat transfers to extrusions at a rate of up to 70 feet per minute. Various extrusion shapes are accommodated by the silicone rubber roller that operates effectively on flat, contoured, and complex extrusion profiles. Multiple units can be configured for increased flexibility, allowing coverage of large areas and a wide variety of part dimensions. Excellent for application of hot stamp foil and heat transfer decals to extruded products.

Stamping Applications:

  • Extruded products
  • Vertical blinds (metal & plastic)
  • Decorative moldings
  • Picture frames

Optional Accessories For Roll Decorating Equipment

Roll Decorating EquipmentPositioning Tables

Optional X-Y, and X-Y-R positioning tables are available to augment your system.

Slide Tables

Additionally slide tables (14’ x 18’ Pneumatic- 11.81” Stroke) and (14” x 18” Pneumatic- 19.68” Stroke) are available to meet your performance needs.

Safety Guarding

Light Curtains




Supplies For Roll-On Machines