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Nursery Container Decoration

Evolution HT - Heat Transfer System

 Evolution Growers Edition

United Silicone's patent pending heat transfer equipment is available today. It is a revolutionary way to create and apply compelling colorful graphics for large or small quantity runs. 

Red decorated nursery containerGreen decorated nursery container

United Silicone’s Evolution HT Growers Edition is designed specifically for nursery containers requiring high-speed applications of multi-color heat transfers up to 355 degrees. This new design temporarily seals off drainage holes, creating a sealed chamber to allow for optimal heat transfers.  This system provides adjustments to accommodate various nursery container diameters, draft angles, and heights. 

Feature Benefit
Heat Transfer decals up to 355° around container Provides “no label” look where decoration appears to be part of container
Decorates up to 10 containers per minute 15-20% improved productivity has been demonstrated
Brilliant, multi–colored graphics No color registration issues
Ability to add instructions on label Eliminates need for “stick in the mud”  instructions– that often get lost or thrown away
Pre-printed graphics Simple roll changeovers
Ability to decorate directly from the molding process No loss of productivity
Permanent, safe decoration-dry process No messy inks or solvent clean ups
Easy to operate Accurate, repeatable transfer placement
Small footprint Easily fits into any facility
Unique inflation device Device temporally seals off drainage hole - ensuring quality heat transfer


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