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Hot Stamp/Heat Transfer Equipment

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Evolution2 HT - Heat Transfer System

The United Silicone Heat Transfer Decorating Machine is designed specifically for high-speed application of multi-color heat transfer decals up to 355 degrees on both square and round pails. Its unique design allows for adjustment to accommodate various bucket diameters, draft angles and height.

 Decorated square pailDecorated square pailDecorated square pailEvolution Squared machine

Heat Transfer Pail Applications

  • Up to 10, 1-4 Square Gallon Pails/minute
  • Full 355 Degree Coverage
  • Multi-Functional Equipment- designed to decorate square or round pails


  • Easy to operate system means accurate, repeatable transfer placement
  • Eliminates need to align images- all 4 panels are pre printed on one roll
  • Ability to decorate directly from the molding process
  • Brillant, multi-colored graphics provide "no label" look where decoration appears to be part of the container
  • Accommodates various bucket sizes

Construction Features

  • Decorating head adjustment for draft angle adjustment
  • Programmable stretch control of heat transfer
  • Maintains consistent transfer tension
  • Adjustable to accommodate various bucket sizes
  • Solid welded machine frame
  • Allen Bradley Microprocessor
  • Small footprint


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