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Hot Stamp/Heat Transfer Equipment

Cyclone HT

High Speed Heat Transfer System for Blow Molded Containers

United Silicone’s new Cyclone HT™ High Speed Heat Transfer Application System applies multi-colored heat transfer labels to round, injection and blow molded containers. The Cyclone’s servo driven application technology coupled with a continuous rotary turret system allows for maximum decorating performance. Various container heights and diameters can be decorated. Photographic quality Therimage® heat transfer labels in roll format allow for simple graphics changeover. Consistent decoration container to container can be achieved with the System’s precise electronic label positioning features.

Cyclone HT

Cyclone HT™ Features:

  • Rounds: Up to 120 Containers/Minute, Full Coverage
  • Single Side Ovals: 250+ Containers/Minute
  • Speed dependent on container size and label length
  • Continuous Decorating
  • Rotary Turret System
  • In-Line Production Capabilities
  • Accommodates Various Round Container Sizes/Shapes
  • Runs No-Flame or Flame Labels
  • Pre and Post Flame Treatment Options
  • Precise Label Positioning
  • Graphic Stretch Capabilities Label Adjustments For Container Inconsistencies
  • Servo Driven Application Technology
  • Allen Bradley Microprocessor with VPN Modem Interface
  • Easy to Use Touch Screen
  • Modular Decorating Head Platform

Heat Transfer Labels:

  • Brilliant, Multi-Colored Graphics
  • Provide a “No-Label Look” On Containers
  • Gravure Printed Quality
  • Photographic Resolution
  • Pearlescent Effects
  • Frosted Effects
  • Permanent, Safe Decoration
  • Moisture & Chemical Resistant
  • Durable
  • Dry Process (No Wet Inks/Screens)
  • Passes Oral Toxicity Test
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Labels Recyclable With Containers

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