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Hot Stamp/Heat Transfer Supplies

Silicone Rubber Dies

Silicone rubber dies are commonly used for application of hot stamp foil and heat transfers onto flat, contoured or cylindrical-shaped products. Silicone rubber conforms to surface variations and delivers a consistent, high-quality impression. We offer standard formulations designed with excellent thermal conductivity and physical properties to ensure the success of your applications. United Silicone's standard die sizes offer improved setup efficiency and repeatable artwork position from die to die. Die changes become routine, as redrilling the die mounting block is unnecessary.

Rubber Dies

Silicone Rubber Hot
Stamp/Heat Transfer Dies:

  • Excellent silicone-to-metal bond
  • Thermally conductive
  • Various formulations
  • Flat & contoured dies
  • Durometers 40-90 (Shore A)
  • Dual durometer

Contoured Hot Stamp/Heat Transfer Dies:

  • Multi-level
  • CNC engraved from part files
  • Complete machining and finishing capabilities
  • Magnetic, quick-change die stamps
  • Die mounting blocks

Metal Hot Stamp Dies:

  • Magnesium
  • Brass
  • Steel

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