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ITW Teflon Bonded Silicone


The ITW Teflon Bonded Silicone is engineered specifically to provide an alternative to wrapping silicone tools with Teflon Tape. Designed to be more robust- it last 10 times longer in production, significantly reduces changeover and maintenance time while enhancing seal integrity. 

With an excellent Teflon-to-Silicone Bond, this new product has proven to provide effective solutions for sealing package inconsistencies caused by food contamination, thick or multiple layers of film, product dust, or particulate.


United Silicone Advantages:

· Excellent Teflon-to-Silicone Bond - eliminates the need for Teflon Tape
Teflon and Tef Tape

· Reduces Downtime —  significantly lessens changeover and maintenance time


· Enhanced Seal Integrity– helps to reduce leakers 


· Improves Processes — resistant to product contamination


· Improved Heat Transfer




 "USI's Teflon Bonded Silicone remained in perfect condition after 6 weeks of trials.. we would like to contine to expand and use this product on other manufacturing lines"

-Major Food Corporation




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