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Heat Seal Supplies

United Silicone Flexible Packaging

Seal Bars and Gaskets

Silicone Coated Seal Jaws provide an effective solution for sealing package inconsistencies caused by food contamination, thick or multiple layers of film, product dust or particulate.

The partnership of a rigid, metal surface together with a compliant, silicone tool is an ideal combination for Flexible Packaging (Horizontal and Vertical). This attribute combined with the thermal conductivity of United Silicone’s formulations opens your process window resulting in consistent seal integrity, reduced scrap, improved throughput, and line efficiencies.

Silicone Seal Bars / Gaskets:

  • Non-Stick Properties
  • Direct-Bond Teflon®
  • Excellent Silicone-to-Metal Bond
  • Thermally Conductive
  • Heat Tolerant to 600F 
  • FDA & 3A Formulations
  • Standard & Custom Sizes
  • Smooth & Textured Surfaces
Feature Benefit
Compliance/Flexible Conforms to Part & Thickness Variations –Zippers, Multi-Layer Films, Etc…
Silicone-to-Metal Bond Enables Mechanical Machine Attachment Eliminating Adhesives/Glues
Surface Ground Maintains a High Level of Flatness Tolerance
Custom Molded Ready-To Use; Eliminates Machining of Sheet Stock
Non-Stick Properties Easy Release of Films; May Eliminate Application of Teflon Tape
Direct-Bond Teflon® Teflon® is Chemically Attached to Silicone
Crowned Designs Eliminates Appearance of Air Pockets; Ideal for Long Seal Bars
Quick-Change Mounting Systems Magnetic & Dovetail Designs Provide Fast/Easy Installation
FDA & 3A Dairy Certified Approved for Direct Food Contact Applications


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Flexible filler samples and examples of their uses